I am getting really excited about Final Fantasy XV

I think we might be in for a hell of a journey with Noct and Co. It looks like Ignis has some new scars as well. Someone else said that he might be blind, and I think they might be right. There are definitely some new scars around both of his eyes. I kept playing the scene over and over again because I was thinking that I might be mistaking his hair (going behind his glasses...weird, I know, but checking all bases before they are belong to you). However, I don't think that's that case. It must be a scar. Gladio's scar, Ignis' scars (look closely at the first one. The scar coming below the glasses is thicker than that hair going into the glasses. Unless his hair is running into some magic hair tonic, it can't be that bundle of hair coming out of the other side of the glasses)... I am starting to think this journey is not going to be easy (at least story wise). I am getting hyped again.



Personally, I am really hoping that Noctis and the other age throughout the game. Having the experience take place over the course of multiple years will make the story much more effective than if they just do a time skip.


Come to think of it, Tabata-San explicitly said that "Before facing the end boss, you will have one last opportunity to go anywhere in the game world that you have already been" (aka if you don't think you're ready to face the final boss you can bum around the game world playing mini games and grinding until you think you are prepared).


This heavily implies that the party's aging will take place over the course of the game and by the end we will be able to travel around as "King Noctis Lucis Caelem" and quite honestly, that is going to be absolutely freaking amazing!


Nah, I don't think that would be the case. Would it not be extremely jarring to jump forward in time at the end of the game? Where would younger Noctis be left off that the final conflict has to wait several years? It would make way more sense for them to age more slowly over the course of the game, and if a time jump is absolutely necissary, I think it would happen more towards the middle, not at the end.